Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Sea food brings yacht challenge

BBC News

Scots businesswoman Jane Cook has put her career on hold to spend 10 months at sea as a 'food coordinator', taking part in the world's toughest yacht race.

Ocean racing food is a nightmare. Try these parameters for size:
No refrigeration so no fresh food (milk, butter, eggs, cheese, meat)
No fruit - it goes off quickly
We're at sea for 35-42 days on most of the legs.
Each person needs around 3,000 calories per day for the warm legs
About 6,000 are needed for the cold legs (just staying warm in the Southern Ocean requires a huge amount of energy).

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Monday, December 06, 2004

Health advice to eat more fish 'is threatening stocks'

The Telegraph

By Charles Clover, Environment Editor

Government advice that people should eat two portions of fish a week should be scrapped because rising consumption could destroy depleted fishing grounds, says a report out tomorrow.
It is one of 60 recommendations for "radical change" in Government policy to emerge from an 18-month investigation of over-fishing by the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.

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