Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bar-L stops Ramsay doing porridge

Scotland on Sunday

By Kate Foster

HIS fiery temper and foul language have earned him a reputation as Britain's toughest chef. But it appears Gordon Ramsay was not hard enough for Scotland's most fearsome jail.
After rescuing failing restaurateurs across the country, it has emerged the celebrity chef had his sights set on the kitchens at HMP Barlinnie, which houses some of the nation's most violent offenders.
Ramsay had an ambitious plan to improve Barlinnie's menus for his Kitchen Nightmares series.
But it turns out officials at the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) had nightmares of their own over the idea. They feared the Glasgow-born chef might come off worse if he unleashed one of his trademark tantrums at a prisoner and a riot could follow.


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