Friday, December 15, 2006

Fancy squirrel stew or roast fox? TV chef gets meals from tarmac to table

The Times, Food & Drink

By Adam Sherwin, Media Correspondent

Will fresh badger burgers replace Turkey Twizzlers? A new series from Jamie Oliver will champion the culinary merits of roadkill.
In the BBC programme Road Kill Café, viewers are shown how to forage by the roadside for foxes, squirrels and chickens that have met a sticky end.
Fergus Drennan, a food forager who supplies restaurants including The Ivy and Oliver’s Fifteen, demonstrates how to test animals for rigor mortis. If the death is recent, Drennan promises to create a tasty meal from tarmac to table within 24 hours of bumper impact.
The programme, created for BBC Three by Oliver’s Fresh One production company, aims to show that fresh fox, hedgehog and badger have a nutritional value that is greater than supermarket meats.


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