Monday, May 15, 2006

The sweet smell of Stilton, turpentine etc

The Guardian, G2

By Laura Barton

While tumorous disease and rotting teeth have yet to be rendered in commercially available fragrance form, this month the bottled scent of pungent cheese becomes available for the first time. Eau de Stilton is a new perfume which has been commissioned, not altogether surprisingly, by the Stilton Cheese Makers Association, and is described on the association's website as a "symphony of natural base notes including yarrow, angelica seed, clary sage and valerian". Stilton's aroma is more commonly associated with damp feet and teenage boys' bedrooms, but a company spokesman stood firm: "Blue Stilton cheese has a very distinctive mellow aroma," he noted, in daintily euphemistic terms. "And our perfumier was able to capture the key essence of that scent and recreate it in an unusual but highly wearable perfume."


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