Friday, January 12, 2007

Carrot and chip for food industry

The Guardian

As down-to-earth Yorkshire folk, despite Matthew Fort's comments (So you fancy chips with everything? Go ahead, January 11), we would like to invite him up to Scarborough to see exactly what goes on in the production process of the oven chip. It was disappointing to read his description of McCain Rustic Oven Chips as "extruded polystyrene". Our oven chips are simply prepared, using potatoes that are only washed, peeled, cut, lightly fried in sunflower oil and then frozen. To imply that McCain's processes "denature the ingredients" is simply untrue. We make good, high-quality products that are simply prepared from simple ingredients. We are proud to be the UK's largest single customer for British potatoes. All our products are now prepared with sunflower oil, which lowers the level of saturated fat. Customers can see we've made better, healthier products and that we're providing better labelling to ensure they can make informed choices.
Bill Bartlett
Corporate affairs director, McCain Foods


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