Thursday, January 25, 2007

Haggis worth addressing

The Scotsman

By Andy McGregor

AS you are probably aware, tonight is Burns Night and some of you will doubtless be dusting off your kilt and dancing shoes in preparation for a night of hearty food, whisky and dancing. Some of you may even have the honour/horror of addressing the haggis or giving the ladies' reply as part of the traditional Burns Supper.
This meal is traditionally three courses of cock-a-leekie soup, haggis and cranachan. These days you might find that the experience has been sanitised slightly, with the haggis served as a starter and a more universally enjoyed main course such as chicken or steak to follow, but Burns purists would surely not approve of downgrading the "great chieftain o' the puddin' race". In some areas of the country it's also been known to substitute stovies for the haggis, though how you go about addressing a stovie is surely a mystery.
While some of you might not be going the whole tartan hog you can still celebrate the life of the Bard even if it is just at home with your family. It is probably too late to make your own haggis, you will be delighted to hear. Trying to stuff a stomach lining with your own mix of sheep offal and oatmeal is not the most pleasant way to spend an afternoon.


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