Tuesday, February 06, 2007

10 courses, 18 Michelin stars - and £15,000 a head

The Guardian

By Ian MacKinnon in Bangkok

Not everyone can say they spent a million on a meal. But this weekend a lucky few with deep enough pockets will ascend to a luxurious Bangkok hotel's 65th floor and scale the culinary heights.
True, the million in question is 1m Thai Baht. But at around £15,000 a head, not including service charges and tax, that is still the kind of restaurant bill that buys a lot of bragging rights. It also buys some of the world's finest, freshest and most tantalising ingredients specially flown in from 35 cities around the world, accompanied by rare and expensive wines.
Preparation of the extravaganza is in the hands of six chefs with three Michelin stars apiece who have also jetted in from their restaurants in France, Italy and Germany, eager to present their signature dishes. No expense has been spared to ensure the 15 gourmands who booked Saturday's one-off dinner will be able to show themselves off as "Epicurean Masters of the World", as the event's title boasts.


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