Thursday, February 08, 2007

How a cheeky nibble can stimulate desire

Evening News

By Sandra Dick

IT was way back in the second century AD that the Romans identified oysters as an aphrodisiac, with one satirist describing how wanton women used to down large quantities of them.
Ever since oysters have been seen as the food of love, a romantic culinary treat which will send pulses racing and hearts a- fluttering.
But according to Dario Pacifici, of catering experts The Devil's Kitchen, the Romans may well have been on to something - oysters really do have the vital ingredients to give men a boost where they need it most.
"Oysters are full of life-enhancing minerals such as copper, iron and zinc - critical to male fertility," he says.
So how did the Romans know all those centuries ago that oysters contains vital elements for good romantic health?


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