Monday, February 12, 2007

School meals tsar has 'just three years' to win minds and stomachs

The Independent

By Richard Garner, Education Editor

The school meals tsar Prue Leith admits today that she has just three years to convince Britain's seven million schoolchildren to adopt healthy eating habits.

Otherwise, she fears that people will "lose faith" in the campaign to improve school meals.
If that happens, nutritional standards in school dinners could slip back to the level of neglect that has dogged the service for the past two decades.
The food writer and cookery expert, appointed by the Prime Minister to chair his newly-created School Food Trust, spoke to The Independent as thousands of school dinner ladies prepared to spend the half-term holiday training in the skills needed to deliver the Government's new nutritional standards .
The School Food Trust - which is responsible for introducing healthy eating standards in schools - is organising nine regional conferences for school dinner ladies this week, backed by a £15million grant.


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