Saturday, February 11, 2006

Foodie at large: choc tactics

The Times, Food&Drink

By Tony Turnbull

It’s all vintages and single estates in the cocoa world these days
At last the world can rest easier in its bed – as from this week, Notting Hill has a specialist chocolate shop of its own. No longer will Stella or Trinny have to schlep all the way to Knightsbridge for their fresh mint truffles or passion fruit bonbons. Just opposite Ghost and a few doors up from Emma Hope they’ll find their heart’s desire on the cool marble counters of Melt. This being Notting Hill, the shop hasn’t just been bodged together over a weekend. It was designed by London’s favourite architects, Michaelis Boyd, who were responsible for Babington House. The chandeliers are one-offs from Alfie’s Antique Market, and the ribbons that adorn your parchment-clad purchases are sourced from a specialist supplier to the rag trade whose range puts V.V. Rouleaux to shame.

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