Monday, February 27, 2006

The unknown food critic

The Guardian

By Helen Pidd

Depending on who you ask, the Metro's London restaurant critic Marina O'Loughlin is on the tall side, extremely short, with bleached blonde, rather dark, cropped, long hair.
She is single and childless, with two daughters and a husband, who may or may not be Palestinian. She is in her mid-40s, young, Scottish and Italian.
Only one thing is certain: with a readership of well over a million, O'Loughlin is an influential food writer and the fact that she can walk incognito through the door of any establishment is driving the capital's restaurateurs crazy.

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Hamlet Sweeney said...

I have just come across her work. Do you know who she writes for regularly? I want to get in touch with her.

My page might not be in the papers but it is food related! www/

Pille said...

Hi Hamlet, thanks for the comment! It looks like she's writing for London Metro, which means that we don't get to read her in Edinburgh Metro or whatever is the Irish equivalent. Sorry:(