Friday, June 16, 2006

Fast food for adults only

The Guardian

By Laura Barton

We have pin-pointed the problem, and the problem is this: monkey see, monkey do. Yes, it seems the waddlesome children of this isle are incapable of watching an advert for cheesy Wotsits without responding by wolfing down a 12-bag multipack of the sock-flavoured corn snack. This calls for desperate measures. Hence, the Food Standards Agency has urged Ofcom to ban junk food advertising from our television screens until after the nine o'clock watershed to keep the wee chimps away from temptation. This will, of course, unleash a whole new genre of "9:01" advertising, steeped in sex, violence and filthy language:
X-Rated KFC
After Eights, After Hours
Bondage Cheestrings
McDonald's: Late Night and Dangerous
Werther's Originals - the horror! the horror!
Junkie Pringles
Coke-O Pops Straws


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