Sunday, June 11, 2006

Supermarkets treble food prices for children's portions

The Sunday Times, Scotland

By Camillo Fracassini and Aurelia Kassatly

SUPERMARKETS have been criticised for charging more than three times as much for specially packaged children’s portions of food products on their shelves.
Nutritionists and consumer groups have urged parents to vote with their feet after an investigation by The Sunday Times revealed premiums on products aimed at youngsters.
A survey of leading chains found dozens of examples of inflated prices for children’s food, ranging from fresh fruit and yoghurt to water and ready meals.
The biggest mark-up was on Sun-Maid raisins sold at Tesco. The “regular” variety sold in a 500g tub cost 20p per 100g, compared with 68p per 100g when sold in small snack boxes for children — an increase of 240%. Volvic water for kids costs 10p per 100ml, compared with 7p per 100ml for Volvic still mineral water, a price hike of 43%


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